Money Market Securities

Earn steady predictable returns on your investments with Money Market products that can help you preserve your principal and provide easy access to your funds.

Put Your Cash to Work
VM Wealth Management’s Money Market products are designed to offer stability of capital, liquidity, and predictable income.
Product Options

VM Wealth Repo Max repurchase agreements balance liquidity and the potential for higher yields.

Invest in Jamaican or US dollars with minimum investments of J$1,000,000 and US$10,000.

  • Available in 30, 90, 180 or 365 day tenors
  • Highly liquid
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid at maturity
  • Benefit from highly competitive interest rates
  • Your investment is backed by Government of Jamaica securities
  • Tax exemption or adjustment based on residency, is determined by TAJ upon client submitting application

A conservative investment that protects your principal and still provides steady income with the potential for higher yields than investments of similar tenor.

Treasuries are generally the most liquid types of money market investment. A large, active secondary market offers ample opportunities to sell your Treasuries before maturity.

  • Recommended minimum investment – $1,000,000.00
  • Investment tenor –90 & 180 days
  • Commission of 0.1% or a minimum of $500.00 applied/calculated on the principal amount

Available in Jamaican currency, with a minimum investment of J$200,000, Treasury Bills are issued by the Government of Jamaica.

The government issues T-bills to fund public projects, such as the construction of infrastructure. When an investor purchases a T-Bill, the government is effectively writing an IOU to the investor. T-bills are considered a safe and conservative investment since they are backed by the government.

With T-bills you:

  • Pay minimal transaction fees
  • Receive interest at the end of the tenor
  • Enjoy increased liquidity

Lock in an interest rate for a set period of time and get steady, predictable income.

CDs are deposits that pay a stated amount of interest for a specified period and promise to return your money on a specific date.

They allow investors earn a better interest rate of return than a savings account offers along with principal protection, and a fixed rate of return.As a CD holder you own the instruments outright so you can transfer to other institutions. You are restricted from drawing funds on demand as your investment is locked in for the selected period, however, the instrument can be resold to your broker at a negotiated price.

VM Wealth Offers You Choices:


  • Minimum investment – $1,000,000.00
  • Acquired via weekly Auction on a Wednesday, payable on Fridays.
  • The overnight CD is now the official benchmark rate for the market


  • Available on notice from the Central Bank
  • Minimum investment – USD$10,000.00

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